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Astrology Update August 2012

Dear Friends,

I do apologize for the delay in writing Astrology updates. During this past Mercury retrograde period, I’ve found myself floundering – in terms of thinking crisply and clearly! My main energies were focussed on staying grounded as I felt almost “swept away” by the speed and intensity of energies these past few weeks.

I’m really happy to be back!

Keep Looking UP!



Mercury began its retrograde cycle on July 15th at 12.5 degrees of Leo. By August 7, it was at 1.5 degrees Leo before making a station (pausing) and now is moving “direct” again.

What does this mean?

Yes, Mercury is moving forward now and will pass 12.5 degrees on August 22nd. This means that we’re not completely finished the Mercury retrograde period until it passes 12.5 degrees (where it started its retrograde period.)

So –this is still a good time for reviewing and redoing projects, mulling over new and old ideas, backing up our data and moving projects forward that may have been stalled or delayed.


I have written about this before and feel it’s time to mention it again. There’s tremendous intensity in this Uranus-Pluto configuration that began in July 2011 will be on and off making exact angles of tensions until mid-April 2015. Uranus is moving through the very volatile fire sign of Aries bringing the energy of breakdown and breakthrough to individuals, groups, structures, institutions and nations.

Many of us have been experiencing time moving much more rapidly now. Right now one main objective and focus is to stay as calm as possible and be a ground for this electrifying energy pattern. It’s time for us to express ourselves authentically – moment by moment.

Pluto is moving through the earth sign of Capricorn for 12 more years. Pluto deals with deep foundational matters. Capricorn with its ruler, Saturn, represents structures of all kinds – including our skeletal alignment and collective issues involving systems– political, economic, societal and planetary integrity.


In the shorter term Venus has just entered the sign of Cancer and will be there until September 7 when it will enter Leo. Cancer is the sign of needing to feel secure, for nurturing self and others, and also experiencing emotions that may rise and fall like the cycles of the Moon. During Venus in Cancer it’s a wonderful time to spend with family and close friends.


Saturn has been moving through the sign of Libra since July 22, 2010. It will be entering the sign of Scorpio in early October 2012 where it will remain until early January 2015. Saturn in Scorpio will bring a major shift in our collective energies. Libra is the sign of partnerships, and finding balance. Saturn points out where we have much work to do and where it’s important to focus. We’ve had escalating violent power struggles in many countries during this period. Mediation and moderation have been overwhelmed. The lessons to be learned, individually and collectively are still very very relevant. It’s important to find peace within – that where peace begins.