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New Moon in Libra – October 15, 2012

Dear Friends,

Today’s new Moon in Libra is an important and hopeful way to begin this next lunar cycle.  Libra, ruled by the planet Venus, is associated with relationships, fairness, equality, balance and beauty.

With so many conflicts we hear about and are experiencing –  let’s set our priorities to ease conflicts and create mutual support and understanding in our many relationships,  large and small.  This new Moon brings a message that reconciliation, mutual respect and support, tolerance of differences are possible and are vital in creating and maintaining relationships and peace.

Learning how to listen to each other is foundational for mutual understanding.  In this article I’m going to focus on Mercury, the Planet associated with communication – how we receive information, process it and then share with others.  In order to be skillful in relationships there are many things to learn about ourselves and others.

Knowing our style of communication is very helpful as we begin to realize there are 12 different styles to communicating based on where Mercury falls in our charts.  Now, of course, our charts are complex – with many variations – still – it’s a good beginning to learn and understand the basics of  how we communicate.  This knowledge is crucial for our own understanding of ourselves –  and it can also help us  become more tolerant of other people’s ways of listening, processing  and responding.

People born with the Planet Mercury in the following Signs:  These descriptions can be greatly modified depending on how Mercury is related  to other Planets in your chart.  Read all the descriptions and see which ones fit you and which may fit other people in your life!

Aries is the action-oriented Fire sign associated with leadership, impulsiveness, courage and brashness:  People who have Mercury in Aries can be very direct, witty, inventive, impatient, outspoken, speak before they think, and tactless at times.

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign – people who are born with Mercury in this sign learn more from experience than from textbooks.  It’s important for them to be patient with themselves and understand that they need concrete examples and visual cues to communicate effectively.  They can be quite creative as the Planet Venus, rules Taurus.

Gemini is a flexible Air sign.  It’s ruling planet is Mercury, so people with Mercury in Gemini are quick thinkers, curious, funny, intellectual.  They can jump to conclusions and need to learn how to slow down and stay centred.

Cancer is the action-oriented Water sign ruled by the Moon (emotions).  People with Mercury in Cancer tend be emotional communicators..  They can be quite intuitive. When they learn to manage their emotions and understand that if someone disagrees with them – it’s with an idea or belief they have and that it’s not about them personally – they will be more comfortable with themselves and others.  They also tend to think in terms of association of ideas and rarely get to “the point.”

Leo is a fixed Fire sign.  People with Mercury in Leo can be quite rigid in their views and ambitious.  Leo is ruled by the heart.  So if you appeal to their generous natures – it’s much easier to reach them.

Virgo is a flexible Earth sign.  Mercury is the ruler of Virgo.  People who have Mercury in Virgo can be very curious, very bright and quick.  They tend to be logical, thinking in terms of systems and order.  They can be quite analytical and forget that communication happens on many levels, mental, physical, intuitive, emotional.

Libra is an action-oriented Air sign of balance and harmony.  People with Mercury in Libra can be excellent mediators as they can appreciate more than one side of an idea or situation.  They can also be fence-sitters, as they can be challenged when asked to take a stand and not keep wavering between one idea/conclusion/point of view and another.

Scorpio is a fixed Water sign.  People with Mercury in Scorpio can be quite dogmatic and judgemental.  They also can be very perceptive.  They tend to think in terms of the “bottom line” – and can be very impatient with others who think or process differently.

Sagittarius is a flexible Fire sign.  People with Mercury in Sagittarius tend to be very straightforward and love to get to the point. They can be impatient with people who need time to process information.  They’re not really interested in details – they think in terms of the bigger picture.   They can be visionaries.

Capricorn is an action-oriented Earth sign.  People with Mercury in Capricorn tend to be concrete thinkers.  They need specific examples and tend to give many more details than are necessary in a given conversation.  It’s important for them to learn to be aware of the person they’re talking to – making sure they still have their attention.  They do make excellent teachers – especially if they cultivate a sense of humour.

Aquarius is a fixed Air sign.  People with Mercury in Aquarius tend to be intellectual and can also be very intuitive.  They can be stubborn and opinionated.  They are natural communicators in writing and speaking.

Pisces is a flexible Water sign.  People with Mercury in Pisces tend to be mystics and dreamers.  They can also be very creative communicators and story tellers.  They aren’t focused on getting to the point.  They love to embellish and are quite theatrical.  It’s best to reach them emotionally rather than intellectually.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have and certainly you can share this with others.

Keep looking up!!