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February 25, 2013 – Full Moon in Virgo

FULL Moon in Virgo – February 25, 2013
Today, the Full Moon is in Virgo, the third Full Moon of 2013. When the Moon is full, the Sun is in its opposite sign, and is now in Pisces. This combination is complex as most Full Moon energies are. Virgo, ruled by the intellectual sign of Mercury, speaks of discernment, precision, and analytical energies. When the Feminine energy of the Moon is in Virgo, we may tend to intellectualize our feelings, analyze them, worry about them – wanting to understand them. Our feelings become the content of our minds, rather than our hearts. On the positive side – we may find ourselves able to be dispassionate. In this way, we’re more able to understand our motives, our feelings, and able to delve into the origins of our emotional patterns. This can prove to be a lot more helpful than riding up and down in emotional currents without a rudder!

The Masculine energy of the Sun is in the water sign of Pisces, the dreamer, the mystic, the altruist, the Creator . Water is the medium for our feelings – and when the Sun is in Pisces, our sense of direction can become diffuse, other-worldly, unfocussed. On the positive side, the Sun in Pisces can soften our perceptions, and sensitize us to the feelings of others.

MERCURY Retrograde: February 23 – March 16, 2013
I’ve had e-mails from some of you already feeling the energies of Mercury Retrograde – almost a week before it began. Again – it’s time to make sure your data is backed-up and that you widen your tolerance for unexpected delays in all areas connected with information and transportation. There is a way to maximize the positive side of this retrograde cycle. It’s a good time to review projects, plans, and arrangements. It’s advantageous to take time to be more reflective and slow down the speedy energies that can sap our strength.

WATERY Energies coalesce this month and next
In addition to the Sun in Pisces until March 20th, Mars, Mercury, Venus (enters Pisces on Feb. 27th ) Neptune and Chiron are all in Pisces for the next 3 weeks. Saturn is slowly moving through the water sign of Scorpio until the end of 2014. The only planets that are not in water include, Jupiter in Gemini (air) , Uranus in Aries (fire) and Pluto in Capricorn(earth). What to do with all this water? It depends on your birth charts planetary placements. For some of us, the energies of water will feel natural and flowing and creative. For others, it may be very frustrating to find ourselves unfocussed – with misunderstandings being quite common. We’re floating in right brain energies… to compensate it’s good to review, for example, what we’ve heard in a conversation, to make sure our assumptions and understandings are in synch!

Pluto and Uranus have separated for the moment. The next exact squares between Uranus and Pluto occur later this year in May. Uranus is associated with the energies of breakdown and breakthrough – revolution and evolution. Pluto is associated with foundational issues and systems. This continuing on-and-off series of Uranus-Pluto squares will be complete by Spring 2015. In an energetic way – we’re continuing the energy of Pluto conjunct Uranus that occurred in the mid-60’s – it’s time to stand up, for example, for justice, equal rights for men and women, as well as each of us expressing our own authenticity as individuals, as groups, as social movements.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions you may have and certainly you can share this email with others. I look forward to hearing from you. Keep looking up!!