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New Moon in Aquarius and Chinese Year of the Horse

NEW MOON in AQUARIUS and Chinese Year of the HORSE: January 30, 2014
We start this New Year with the lively and social Horse – galloping ahead enthusiastically – gathering people as she goes! The Chinese regard people born in the Year of the Horse to be bright, warm-hearted, very intelligent and excellent communicators. This matches well with the Aquarian energy of this new Moon.

This Aquarian New Moon brings the energy of innovation, inspiration and thinking outside of the box. It stimulates – interest in social movements and major changes that let go of the status quo to create a new future.

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings – and Aquarius encourages us to test out new ideas and new technologies. Aquarius is ruled by the Planet Uranus – and calls us to be authentically who we are – and to step out of our comfort zones and share our gifts with our families, our communities and our world.

In China the New Year begins on January 31 – due to time zone difference.

Venus continues her journey through Capricorn until early March, 2014. This encourages us to review the importance of our relationships – to deepen our commitments where possible – and to let go of the superficial.

Let’s put our creative energies, desires and insights into action. Let’s make 2014 a year where new ways of thinking and creative solutions accelerate our progress – moving toward more sustainable personal lifestyles and more community engagement – while keeping a global perspective.

We all experience “easy” and “difficult” cycles in our lives. Having an Astrology reading is very practical and useful. It helps us plan ahead and guides us along our way.

Astrology helps to clarify the nature of our struggles and the nature of our gifts . What are our strengths and where do we get stuck? What are the timings for each cycle? Deeper self-knowledge is vital for developing acceptance and compassion for ourselves and others. Astrology helps us remember that the challenges we face are cyclical – and it highlights opportunities where we can learn and grow.

I’m thrilled to announce my new Internet radio program – on the well-established Inner Light Radio Network. It airs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 2:30 pm EST (1:30 pm CST and 11:30 am PST).

My first two programs are archived here – listen at your convenience.

I encourage you to call while the program is airing (310) 928-7733 to ask any questions you may have. You may also submit questions via email at innerlightradio@yahoo.com.

Please call or e-mail me with any questions you may have that I can answer on the air.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Cosmic Know-How: Astrology for Everyone with Eleanor Kibrick Program 2

Program 2: The role of Astrology in our lives and how it can help us make choices – with special guest.

This program was recorded January 29, 2014. I hope you enjoy it and appreciate any feedback.

Cosmic Know-How will next be heard live on February 5, 2014 – 2:30 EST (11:30 am PST and 1:30 pm CST).

Each program will be archived here within 1-2 day after the live broadcast.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.


Cosmic Know-How: Astrology for Everyone with Eleanor Kibrick Program 1

Program 1: Astrological life cycles, current major planetary configurations, prophecies.

This is my very new program series. Please bear with us while we fix the glitches.

This broadcast was recorded January 15, 2014. I hope you enjoy it and appreciate any feedback.

Cosmic Know-How will next be heard live on Wednesday, January 29 at 2:30 pm EST or 11:30 am PST.

Each program will be archived here within 1-2 day after the live broadcast.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.


Please send me your questions for my New Astrology Radio Program beginning this Wednesday – Jan. 15 at 2:30pm EST

Cosmic Know-How: Astrology for Everyone with Eleanor Kibrick

I’ll be starting my new Astrology Internet Radio program this Wednesday, January 15 at 2:30pm EST – which is also FULL MOON. I’m one of the Hosts of the Inner Light Radio Network – operating out of California.

Show time in a few other time zones are 1:30pm CST, 11:30am PST and 7:30pm GMT.

If you have astrology questions for Eleanor the call-in number is: 1-(310)-928-7733.

You can also send questions by Skype texting by contacting the “inner_light_radio” Skype account.

You can also email questions to Eleanor during the show at this address innerlightradio@yahoo.com

Here’s the description of my program:

Cosmic Know-How: Astrology for Everyone with Eleanor Kibrick
Join Eleanor Kibrick for a lively bi-monthly series bringing Astrology down to Earth. We are much more than just our Sun Signs! Astrology contains a profound body of knowledge that has guided Kings, Pharaohs, Generals and Sages for many thousands of years. Each week you’ll learn how to understand the major cycles of your life and how to ride the waves of change. In each program we’ll highlight new information that you can immediately apply. You’ll have opportunities to call in and ask questions. You’ll learn what Astrology is and what it isn’t. And best of all – you’ll gain insight and practical knowledge of how to apply Astrology in your life.

Please send me your questions about anything you’d like to know about Astrology – personal questions, global questions… I’ll use them on my program.

(I would love as many of you as possible to listen live if you can).


Eleanor (I’m so excited)

Listen: Astrologer Eleanor Kibrick interviewed on Inner Light Radio, January 9, 2014

“How to Ride the Wave” – Major changes to prepare for in 2014

Listen to Eleanor’s interview on Inner Light Radio recorded on January 9, 2014.

Eleanor Kibrick on the Sage-ing Baby Boomer Radio Show: Thurs, Jan 9, 2014 @ 8 a.m. PST/ 11 a.m. EST

Hi Everyone,

I recently received a request to be interviewed about “How to Ride the Wave in 2014.”

January 1, 2014 began with a Mega High Energy New Moon combination with Pluto, Mercury and the Sun right next to the Moon’s position.

The energy has shifted – after a sluggish 2013. Get ready for an amazing ride!

I’m very excited to reach out to many more people and share ways to make the most of this momentum.

Below are the links to listen to the program – by phone, Skype or directly on-line.

Happy New Year to you all!


How to listen:

Thurs, Jan 9, 2014 @ 8 a.m. PST/ 11 a.m. EST.

Seeds of Change – Open Big in 2014”, with Host Ayo Handy-Kendi, Breathologist – and guest Astrologer, Eleanor Kibrick, sharing major changes to prepare for in 2014.

Listen by Internet: http://www.PositivEnergyWorks.com

Skype: inner_light_radio

Phone Listen-in: 712-432-0900 Pin: 991809#

The Sage-ing Baby Boomer Show – Good News for those born between 1946 – 1964 who are not just aging but “sage-ing” – growing wiser as we age. We re-invent ourselves with “Information, Inspiration, Innovation and Initiative”.

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January Astrology readings – First 10 people receive $30 discount


I heartily encourage you all to prepare to ride the wave of energy that launched this New Year. I’m offering a $30 discount for the first 10 people who order their readings this month.

2014 started with a New Moon burst of energy on January 1. We’re in the middle of the very active Grand Cross configurations that are speeding us along.

As 2014 unfolds, finding balance between seemingly opposite energies will require ingenuity and adaptability. A rare configuration of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars in a Grand Cross – beginning in January, and on and off – until late June 2014 – which carries opportunities to start anew, resolve old issues and think and act outside of the box!

Knowing the timings and where these opportunities are in the various areas of your life – personal, health, career, financial, spiritual – is valuable. With new information and insights, you can choose where to best focus your energies this coming year.

Gift an Astrology reading to yourself, family, friends and/or colleagues this month.

ReadingsHoliday SpecialRegular Price
First time$115$145
Children (under 12)*$65$95

(*) These readings are done for parents to help them better understand their children – I also include some information about the family constellation.

Readings are done in person or by phone and are digitally recorded. Payments can be made by PayPal. Please click here to order.

Blessings for a Happy, Healthy and Rewarding New Year!