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Preparing for 2017

The last New Moon of 2016 occurs on December 29 at 1:53 am EST.   This New Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, bringing a serious and responsible tone to the final days of 2016.  With the Moon and Sun in Capricorn next to Mercury retrograde in Capricorn– it’s an opportune time to review your thoughts and concerns around home and work and family.  It’s timely to think of what practical plans you can put in place during this coming 4 week lunar cycle.  For example, repairs,  organizing your office, basement, closets, etc.

On a lighter note, Venus and Jupiter are in harmony until the end of this month – bringing positive energies into relationships – just in time for the New Year. Mars and Neptune are closely placed in Pisces – which enhances sensitivity -  sometimes resulting in being overly sensitive. These planets can reduce our physical stamina so it’s a good time to relax and revitalize yourself for the coming year.


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It’s important to stay as grounded as possible and ride with the changes coming in 2017.
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May love, kindness and consideration carry you through the Holiday Season and into the New Year!



New Moon in Taurus – May 18, 2015

New Moon in Taurus – May 18 2015 at 12:13 am EDT

New Moons bring the energies for new types of beginnings. The previous New
Moon in Aries, stimulated us to make plans and take first steps in a new
direction. Now, with both Sun and Moon in earthy Taurus, this is a great
time to take practical actions for self-care and home improvements. Taurus
simulates the senses. Now’s the time to plant your garden, fill the house
with flowers and wonderful cooking aromas.

Venus in Cancer

Venus, ruler of Taurus, is in the sign of home-loving Cancer, and is in
harmony with spiritual Neptune from May 15-18. This wonderful combination
is available for creative expression – especially with music – to play an
instrument, sing, or attend a concert. Venus conjunct Neptune stimulated
our creative imagination. It’s a great time for dreaming our dreams and
visioning positive outcomes for the future.

Later this month – May 20-26 – Venus with be in stressful relationships
with Pluto and Uranus. Venus opposite Pluto can bring tension to
relationships and finances. You may be feeling pressured by others. It’s
important not to get hooked into power struggles.

Venus squaring Uranus can bring sudden shifts in relationships. Freedom
loving Uranus can upset the status quo in personal and business
relationships. This may free us up to authentically express ourselves. It
can be temporarily uncomfortable for as we change, the dynamics of our
relationships will change.

Mercury Retrograde (May 19 – June 11, 2015)

I’ve heard from a number of people, this past week, who have already been
experiencing the effects of these retrograde energies. They’ve had major
challenges including confusing travel plans, software program overloads and
crashes, missed meetings, phones suddenly disconnecting. So – please back
up all your files, check and double check travel plans and meeting times
and, if possible, wait until a week after the end of the retrograde period
to sign any important documents.

There are also benefits during a retrograde period. Mercury retrograde
brings the opportunity to review plans and documents before implementing
changes. It’s also a time for inner work – reviewing these past months and
reflecting on any lessons learned. Journaling can be very fruitful in
opening up to new insights.

Pluto moves Retrograde: April 17 – September 24, 2015

Pluto is the Lord of the underworld – the world of our subconscious
thoughts, feelings and dreams. During this retrograde period, Pluto invites
us to explore and transform old wounds – mentally, emotionally and
spiritually. It’s a time for healing – freeing ourselves up from old
resentments, beliefs, and negative thought patterns that are stifling our

May you find pleasure in planting new seeds in your lives!

Keep looking up!


Full Moon in Scorpio – Sunday, May 3, 2015 11:42 pm EDT

With the FULL Moon in Scorpio, important issues may come up for us to address. This Full Moon energy is heightened with potential conflicts – as the intense Scorpio Moon is opposite the comfort-seeking Sun in Taurus. Emotions that arise may very well be uncomfortable as they challenge the status quo. Taurus is inclined to want things to stay the same – and that’s being threatened. Taking good care of ourselves in the midst of major changes is key

Currently, we’re in a cycle where we have the opportunity for healing deep wounds and patterns from the past. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio is now moving retrograde until mid-September.

When a Planet moves retrograde – our energy turns more inward. Pluto is associated with delving deeply into matters we may have suppressed – as individuals, families, organizations, social/political systems. It’s time to do our “internal” house cleaning and allow old negative patterns to surface. This gives us a chance to let go of old baggage – like old misunderstandings, resentments, fears..

This FULL Moon in Scorpio is in harmony with Pluto’s current position in Capricorn. The Sun in Taurus is also well aligned with Pluto for the next few days. This gives us strength and stability to face any personal and societal changes that are happening right now.

As the load lightens, Pluto brings the gift of transforming ourselves into more of who we genuinely are – with acceptance and clarity.

Meanwhile – Venus and Mercury are in the social sign of Gemini which lightens up the intensity – good time to get together with friends.

May this cycle bring you a deeper understanding of who you are and what your purpose and “mission” may be as the veils clear.



March 20, 2015 and beyond – a VERY POTENT time

NEW Moon at 29° Pisces, March 20, 2015 4:36 am EDT

SUN and Moon enter Aries at 5:29 am, EDT, March 20, 2015

Spring Equinox: 5:45 pm, EDT, March 20, 2015 and Total Eclipse of the SUN

Friday, March 20th is a very potent time. The New Moon (Sun and Moon at 29° Pisces) is in the last degree of dreamy, watery Pisces. One hour later, the Sun and Moon move to the intense fire sign of Aries. That’s a very fast switch of energies. Adding to this is a Full Solar Eclipse when the Moon appears to block the Sun as it moves between the Earth and the Sun. When the MOON is “covering” the Sun – emotions and personal values take priority. It’s a good time for personal reflection. You may be asking yourself ‘what is most important for me right now?’.. Google your address and find out where you might be able to see part or whole of this eclipse.

On March 16th we completed the 7th and final Uranus/Pluto square and the separating energies are very intense. Many of us have been shaken to our core. Lots of breakdowns and breakthroughs in nations, social systems and individuals. It can feel like being tossed around in a stormy sea – and these energies will take months to settle down. This shake-up is ultimately healthy – as it wakes us up.

The way out of this mayhem, is to go all the way through – no more avoiding the changes that we need to make. “Resistance is futile.” It’s time to transform our old ideas, belief systems and values – into life affirming actions. Over-using, over-spending, over-clinging to material goodies can’t go on. It’s time to let go. We need to heal our hearts from grasping and gasping.

When we add up all the millions of people connecting through internet and sharing innovative solutions and thought provoking questions – we realize that we’re not alone. The good news is that when we let go – we have much more space to grow and evolve into loving and cooperating beings.

Astrologically speaking – it is time to wake up!

Spring Equinox brings the Astrological New Year as the Sun moves into the Sign of Aries, the first sign in the zodiac. Aries ignites initiative. This is a great time to start new projects. The day and night hours are equal and from now until Summer Solstice in June, the light will keep increasing. It’s a good time to celebrate by being out of doors, creating personal and/or group rituals and welcoming the light.

May this coming year bring you good health, joy and a sense of greater purpose. And may your purpose generate creative and loving actions.



NEW Moon In Aquarius – January 20, 2015 8:14 am EST

A Very Aquarian Month Ahead

Today’s NEW Moon in Aquarius is also a Super Moon as it’s in one of its closest orbits to the Earth. [Of course we don’t see it as it’s in its darkest phase.]

What’s also very unique is that we’ll have TWO Aquarian New Moons during this cycle. The next NEW Moon will occur in very late Aquarius, on February 18 – just ONE minute before the Moon enters Pisces!

Aquarians question the status quo. Astrologer, Jeff Green, writes about Aquarius as “freedom from the known.” Aquarians break through boundaries, ask new questions, think outside of the box. We all have Aquarius affecting some area of our lives. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is found in one of the 12 houses in our charts. Where do we question authority? Where do we experiment with new ways of being in groups – virtual and personal? Where do we look beyond everyday mundane concerns? Where do we yearn to be free? Do we allow ourselves to explore beyond the known?

Mercury and Venus are both moving through Aquarius – enhancing the desire to think and communicate creatively, meet new interesting people, have more Global concerns. Mercury will move retrograde tomorrow (Jan. 21) and go direct on February 11. [Remember to back up your computers.] Venus remains in Aquarius until January 28, when it will move into Pisces. Now is a good time to seek new friends who have far-reaching ideas and goals. Many Aquarians love technology, especially in the area of communications – and during this month, exciting new breakthroughs may occur.

Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) are still making angles of tension – fomenting unrest and chaos. Old and weak structures are falling down – while new ones are being created. We’re all at the effect of this pattern as individuals, families, communities and nations. The exciting news is that we’re waking up – we can’t just keep doing what we’ve been doing or we’ll keep getting the same results!

Thoughts are powerful. Focussed prayers are powerful. How can we transmit energies of love, forgiveness, and hope? There are millions of us holding intentions for creating more peace within ourselves, our families and communities and the world. It’s vital to act upon those intentions. What can we do to help each other locally and beyond in practical ways? How can we help uplift others as we uplift ourselves – mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

We’re in an intellectually stimulating cycle. Now is a good time to journal and experience what flashes of insight (Uranus) come through? Whatever we focus on we may experience – so – let’s release our negative thoughts that generate so much fear and feelings of helplessness. Let’s focus instead on our highest aspirations – and be open to receiving the guidance that can move us forward in a good way. And…. take it one day at a time.

May this coming year bring you good health, joy and a sense of greater purpose.



Full Moon In Cancer – January 4, 2015 11:53 pm EST

Today’s Full Moon is packed with wild energies of personal and group upheavals – a necessary shaking up of our priorities and complacencies. With Pluto opposite the Moon today – we can feel discouraged. However, if we yield to tyranny (our own or others) we’ll get more of the same. This is the time to take back our power and follow our inner wisdom and visions.

It’s time to enter a wider doorway and expand into our higher and greater selves and stretch beyond our old limitations. It’s important to take our focus off the “oppressors” and move along our own guided paths – joining millions of others around the world who are doing the same.

The Sun in Capricorn opposite Full Moon in Cancer will be exactly joining the current Pluto/Uranus square. We’ve been struggling with the cycles of Pluto squaring Uranus for almost 3 years. It has stimulated tremendous instability and social chaos. Now, add the Sun and Moon to this intense square, and our emotions may feel disjointed and jagged.

Thank goodness for the Moon’s North Node currently in Libra (we), exactly opposite Uranus in Aries (I). The North Node in Libra reminds us that we don’t exist in a vacuum. We, as a species, are all about relationships. This is a call to action. It’s time to improve and heal our relationships and find ways of working in harmony with others. It’s time to search for and find common ground.

The Sun, next to Pluto brings in Scorpio’s influence. Will we use this energy to claim power over others – or will we use it to be in touch with our own inner strength? At the same time – the Moon in Cancer welcomes us home – underlying our need for comfort, care, and sustenance. Let’s cultivate balance and nurture ourselves and others. We are all in this together.

May this coming year bring you good health, joy and a sense of greater purpose.



Winter Solstice and New Moon in Capricorn – December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice: December 21, 2014, 6:03 pm EST (Summer Solstice in Southern Hemisphere)

NEW MOON in Capricorn: December 21 2014, 8:36 pm, EST

The Capricorn New Moon (the Sun and Moon at 0° Capricorn) brings a shift from the visionary energies of Sagittarius to the practical “can do” energies of Capricorn. It’s time to put our visions into action.

This is a very special occasion – when the New Moon follows Winter Solstice within less than 3 hours. Winter Solstice is the time of the profound turning – from experiencing the longest night of the year – to moving slowly toward the light. During Solstice the Sun seems to stand still – and many ceremonies were created in ancient times, to pray for the Sun’s return.

The New Moon sets the tone for the next 28 day cycle. Capricorn brings seriousness and a sense of purpose. It’s important to remember to balance outward activities with the “opposite” energies of Cancer and take time to nurture ourselves, our families, friends and others.

The last week of December is a good time for contemplation and for re-evaluation. What have we learned this past year? Where are our current struggles? What strengths can we draw upon? What are we ready to ready let go of? How do we prepare for the New Year? What positive outcomes can we imagine for ourselves and for the world in the coming months?

Another milestone at this same time is that the Planet Uranus which has been moving retrograde, turns direct on December 21. This Planet is still making a stressful angle with Pluto, bringing unexpected changes, breakdowns of systems, uprisings around the world and also new creative initiatives. As Uranus now moves forward, it will complete its cycle with Pluto by the end of March 2015. Hopefully there will be less turmoil and smoother transitions during this time of purification and transformation.

May this coming year bring you good health, joy and a sense of greater purpose.



Full Moon in Gemini – December 6, 2014, 7:27 am EST

The Gemini Full Moon (Sun in Sagittarius – exactly opposite the Moon) brings a shift from the intensely emotional waters of Scorpio that we’ve been experiencing these past months – into the fiery sign of Sagittarius. Scorpio’s energies were and are, very important for delving deeply into our personal woundings and that of our communities and the world.

Saturn, the great teacher and Lord of Time, has been moving through Scorpio since October 2012 calling on us to do the deep personal work in order to transform ourselves. Adding to this energy is Chiron moving through Pisces for another few years. Chiron, the wounded healer, reminds us that this is the time to heal ourselves and heal the world. Right here and right now is a critical cycle in our evolution. We’re all in this together.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus have moved into the lighter fiery energies of Sagittarius. With Mercury next to the Sun in Sagittarius, we have the opportunity to focus on the “bigger picture” of our lives. Now’s the time to be creative and expansive in our ways of understanding ourselves and our place in the world. Sagittarius is depicted as part man and part horse – uniting heaven and earth. He is the archer who sends the arrow of truth out into the air. Truths are now being revealed in so many ways all around the world. Regardless of governmental and other institutional attempts to censor and block information – social media is moving like a thread of light and truth throughout the world.

Venus entered Sagittarius on November 17 and will be there until December 10th . Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet that engages us with our higher aspirations, with seeking meaning in our lives. With Venus’ grace – it’s also a time to be social and find ease in being with friends and family and our communities and enjoy our relationships.

Sagittarian energies, ruled by expansive Jupiter, bring in a time to tell a new story about ourselves. What are our hopes and aspirations? It’s time to create new, positive stories, focussing on what we can do next – rather than being swept away by hopelessness. Focussing on what’s possible instead of what’s not working is key during this cycle. The presence of light weaving its way into our consciousness tells us that we can still turn things around. Let’s utilize Sagittarius’ energies to step back, focus on what’s life-promoting, take the longer view, and give expression to our better natures.

Today (Dec 5) Mars entered the ingenious air sign Aquarius where it will be until Jan 13, 2015. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, brings in the energy of “thinking outside of the box.’ That’s what we need right now. We can’t solve our problems by repeating old strategies that haven’t worked.

Jupiter is still moving through the fire sign of Leo – stimulating us to be more generous and open-hearted. Uranus is moving through the fiery tempestuous sign of Aries. At this time all three fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo and Aries) are engaged. This is a time to share new thoughts, new strategies and get moving in a positive life-affirming way.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital that we stay grounded. Taking even 5-10 minutes a few times a day to be quiet is very important – in order to check in with ourselves and hear the insights coming through in the middle of all the noise!!



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Keep looking up!


New Moon in Scorpio with partial Solar Eclipse – October 23. 2014 5:57 pm EDT

Since the Full Lunar Eclipse on October 8 – we’ve been experiencing even more turbulent times around the world. With that Full Moon in the fiery sign of Aries next to “wild card” Uranus – it’s triggered more instability. Economic, political, and governmental systems on weak foundations keep failing.

Not all of it is negative – Uranus also generates breakthroughs into new and exciting fields of discovery.

Tomorrow the New Moon will be located at 0° Scorpio next to the Sun at the same degree. We’ll have a partial Solar Eclipse that can be seen on the East Coast of US and Canada. Every 19 years we experience the Solar Eclipse at the same degree – the last was on October 24, 1995 at 0° Scorpio. It’s useful to look back and review what’s happened in our lives since then.

Eclipses shake things up – they stimulate us to identify and release what’s no longer useful – and unburden ourselves. It’s time to explore what’s coming up from deep inside and liberate ourselves from patterns of negative self-talk and other habits that drain our energies. We’ll then have far more vitality to reassess our values and priorities and take steps to move forward with passion and clarity.

Scorpio energies run deep – hidden from view. Scorpio is associated with power – the desire to be in control. If we get into power struggles with others – this can block our progress in many ways. If we focus on personal empowerment – to live up to our potential – we’ll have a much easier time. At its most evolved – Scorpio represents the Phoenix rising out of the ashes of the past and transforming itself into a completely new Being.

We all have the potential to release old habits, tendencies and beliefs that have kept us “in the dark” to our truer and higher natures. With humility, compassion for ourselves and forgiveness – we can renew ourselves and brighten our futures.

Venus will join the Sun and Moon at 0° Scorpio tomorrow – this is a wonderfully empowering cycle for women. Women are rising up and claiming their rights – to be safe, to be respected and heard. They are organizing into groups, in India, for example, to protect women from violence and take on would-be rapists and publically shaming them.

An outstanding example is Malala Yousafzai, who survived being shot by the Taliban because she advocated education for girls. She has met with many world leaders, spoken on behalf of girls all over the world, and at 17, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

These are the times that have been prophesized by elders of many traditions – Mayan, Hopi, Anishnabie and others. It’s up to us – individually and collectively – to make life-affirming choices and act with integrity and love. Let’s begin by being kind to ourselves and everyone we encounter.

Keep looking up!