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December 13, 2012: New Moon in Sagittarius and YOD (“finger of God”) moving into position

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Today is 12/12/12, the birthday of a very dear friend – and a kind of “birth”day for all of us. In my meditation today I saw two cobras (and other animals) and was reminded that it’s time to shed our old skins – leaving whatever is dysfunctional behind. I know it’s a tall order and at the same time – the Astrological configurations in the next couple of weeks support that. We are still in the pattern where Uranus is squaring Pluto – the old weak foundations are falling apart and there is now potentially, more room for the new. Uranus represents the energy of breakdown and also breakthrough. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, deals with deep foundational issues and systems – personal, societal and Planetary. This major transformational pattern will be present, on and off, until March 2015. I keep thinking of that line of poetry from Leonard Cohen: “Ring the Bells that still can Ring, Forget your Perfect Offering, there is a Crack in Everything, that’s how the Light gets in.”

These are the times prophesized by Elders of many traditions including Maya, Hopi, Hindu, and Algonquin. They remind us that we always have a choice — to take the low road of expediency and selfishness or to take the path of LIGHT, of caring, responsibility and commitment. We are at a pivotal time in history where our choices are dramatically shaping our future.

The NEW MOON in Sagittarius (Sun and Moon together in Sagittarius): Sagittarius reflects the possibility of taking the higher road, having a bigger vision, being in touch with what gives our lives meaning and purpose. It brings with it the opportunity to transform our little self-centred stories into a broader story of what’s good for humanity, our planet and ourselves. We are all in this together. We are all part of the web-like fabric of the Universe. There’s no “somewhere” to go to – we are all here – affecting each other and our “external” environments all the time!

Please – let us all take this time – between now and year’s end – to reflect on our lives – and explore – what are our real priorities and our new stories that are emerging? Let’s expand those “cracks of light” – and create spacious openings for the light of consciousness to move out into our world. A number of years ago, Bill (my husband) and I volunteered full-time to an international organization doing development work in many countries. Every morning after breakfast – we were sent out into the day saying: “These are the Times, and we are the People” – and amazing things were accomplished at the local and global levels.

YOD – the “Finger of God” – this triangular configuration is moving into exact alignment on December 21st and 22nd and then dissipating by the end of this year. Right now Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are in harmony – giving us the grounding energy to build new, stable foundations. Jupiter in Gemini is moving into an exact YOD (isosceles triangle) alignment with Saturn and Pluto. It can already be felt as the aspects are fairly close. The angles from Saturn and Pluto to Gemini are bringing stress, the need to stretch and to strive. Jupiter brings the energy of spaciousness and expansion – the need to expand our current boundaries in what we can imagine for ourselves, our communities and our world. At the same time, we will need to set some boundaries so we don’t move into melodrama and take actions that are grandiose and unsustainable.

There’s no standing still for too long – we’re being propelled forward and it’s important to note where the doors are opening for us in our lives. Where are the opportunities? Where is it important to have patience and wait for right timing? Where and how can we best contribute – in our own ways – for the good of all? Are we adding to the problems? Are we coming up with solutions? Are we grounded? Are we being kind to ourselves and others?

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Keep looking up!!


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