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Event: Singing Pebble Books

I will be at Singing Pebble Books (202a Main Street, Ottawa, Ontario) on Thursday, May 31, 2012 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

Please drop by for a chance to meet like-minded people in a friendly, stimulating environment where you are literally surrounded by potential topics of conversation, and conversation-openers. I will be doing free mini-astrological readings for attendees!

Find out if love is in your stars!

Singing Pebble Books
202a Main Street, Ottawa

2 Thoughts on “Event: Singing Pebble Books

  1. Please omit the phrase “find out if love is in your stars”

    Instead – please add –

    Come and explore your way of being in relationship – where are your strengths, where might you be blocked and what strategies to use to more successfully be in and enjoy your relationships.

  2. Please put this complete description for “singles night” short readings I’ll be doing at Singing Pebbles on Thursday evening, June 28, from 6-9 pm



    Look forward to seeing you this Monday

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