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FULL MOON in ARIES – October 18, 2013

FULL MOON in ARIES – October 18, 2013

Tonight we have a Lunar Eclipse during this full Moon in Aries. Emotional intensity is high. Aries, the Ram, stimulates an inclination to be impatient, and rush ahead without forethought. On the positive side, Aries inspires courage to take the initiative and make significant changes in our personal, community and/or work lives. Since the Aries Moon joined Uranus yesterday (sudden changes and/or breakthroughs), and it is squaring Pluto (deep foundational issues), the tension is building. Everyone has been experiencing ups and down, feeling stuck, impatient, even belligerent. Uranus squaring Pluto is moving into an exact square on Nov 1. It’s vital to take time to breathe and slow down as everything feels like its speeding up.


During Full Moon in Aries the Sun is in the opposite sign, Libra. Libra emphasizes cooperation, partnerships and fairness – or can also be expressed by sitting on the fence and being indecisive. With this growing opposition until the exact full moon Oct 18, late tonight, choose to integrate the best of both worlds. Use your enthusiasm to inspire others. You may find yourself in a leadership role and able to encourage others to join you in building consensus. It’s also vital to be receptive and listen to what others have to say. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

MERCURY RETROGRADE – October 21 – November 10

Mercury is in Scorpio from October 1 – December 6, 2013. It goes retrograde on October 21 and turns direct on November 10. As with all retrograde cycles, back up your files, recheck travel plans and stay flexible.
Mercury in Scorpio deepens our capacity to turn inward, to do research in depth, to uncover root causes. When it goes retrograde it creates an internal environment that nurtures deep reflection. Additionally, be aware of the tendency to be self-critical and critical of others. In conversations – pause before retorting/reacting and saying something you may later regret. Allow yourself time to reflect. You may want to write in your journal or take time to just sit quietly. Here’s the link to the website, naturalawareness.net. It contains a wonderful list of guidelines (PDF) for sitting in awareness. http://naturalawareness.net/sitting-awareness.pdf. I’ve been finding it amazingly helpful.

MARS in VIRGO – October 16 – December 8, 2013

This is an excellent time to create new systems in office and home, to tend to details and to de-clutter. You’ll have the energy to take on projects that you may have been delaying – like pulling together the last 9 months of tax information, creating or completing reports and tidying up. Do your best to remember that you need to step back and get a bigger picture in order to set priorities. Working on one project to perfection may take more time than it needs, while other tasks go unattended.


Uranus is squaring Pluto on and off until March 2015. This is a deeply transformative energy. It may feel chaotic as systems collapse. It also open the door to major transformations from revolution to evolution. For more information on this square, please see my last New Moon (in Libra) update.

To summarize: During these tumultuous times, it’s important to make time for quiet sitting. This will benefit you greatly – as you “catch up with yourself.” You’ll be wise to remember that you may be more sensitive and reactive right now. Kindness will go a long way in mellowing this energy. Compassion is vital for yourself and those with whom you interact.


We all experience pleasant and difficult cycles in our lives. Astrology helps to clarify the nature of our struggles and the nature of our gifts . What are our strengths and where do we get stuck? What are the timings for each cycle? Deeper self-knowledge is vital for developing compassionate understanding of ourselves and others. Astrology helps us remember that the challenges we face are cyclical – and it highlights opportunities where we can learn and grow.

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