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Full Moon in Aries – October 8, 2014, 6:51 am EDT

The energies are building toward an electric, vital, intense Full Moon in Aries this Wednesday. This Full Moon will be joined by “wildcard” Uranus in Aries and both will be opposite the Sun in Libra.

All full Moons have the Sun and Moon in opposition – here the opposition is between Aries Moon and Libra Sun. Aries represents the expression of leadership that takes the initiative and jumps into unilateral action. Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice – finding balance and harmony and working together. Libra brings the energy of fairness, and mediation into a dispute, for example, so all sides feel heard and ok with the ultimate conclusion. It may be that taking initiative (Aries) is needed to begin deliberation (Libra) and the energy stimulates people to come to consensus.

There will also be a creative Grand Trine in Fire with the Moon and Uranus in impulsive Aries, Mars in enthusiastic Sagittarius and Jupiter in proud Leo! Lots and lots of fire energy – it can get quite over-stimulating! There can be rushes of creative energies that are exciting and original. To add more intensity – The Moon and Uranus will be making a stressful square with Pluto in Capricorn!! We’ll be bursting with impatience to break free of limitations and declare our independence and authenticity – all over the world. It’s important to do our best to ground this energy and stay centred – letting these ripples of peace spread out and have a calming effect on ourselves and those around us.

Full Lunar Eclipse

This Moon is called a “Blood Moon” as it turns quite red before a full eclipse. Ancient people’s believed it was a negative omen. This Moon will go through a full eclipse as the Earth will be positioned between the Sun and the Moon. Eclipses can bring sudden changes, reveal what has been hidden and break through to new insights and realizations. The end results can be surprising and positive – if we are able to let go and to release that which no longer serves us. This can mean letting go of toxic relationships, ridding ourselves of too much stuff, simplifying our lives.

COSMIC KNOW-HOW: Astrology for Everyone.

Please join me tomorrow, Wednesday October 8 – at 2:30 pm (EDT) 1:30 pm (CDT) or 11:30 am (PDT). I’ll be taking your calls and emails to answer questions about what this LUNAR ECLIPSE may mean for you!

Before the program – please contact me or innerlightradio@yahoo.com with your date of birth and where you’re calling from. I’ll look at the Planetary positions when you were born and see whether this LUNAR ECLIPSE is directly affecting you.

I’ll also look at the Astrological signs for Mercury and Uranus on the day you were born. We’ll see how these Planets have influenced and are influencing your personal and professional lives. I’ll then do a mini-reading for you on the air. You can also call in live or email your questions during the program (see below).

During the Program click on the media player and listen in live.

Call-in with questions or comments: (310) 928-7733 and be on the air

e-mail questions and comments to: innerlightradio@yahoo.com



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