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FULL MOON in PISCES – September 19, 2013

FULL MOON in PISCES – September 19, 2013

Pisces brings the energy of the dreamer, the mystic, the selfless server. In its shadow form it’s associated with illusion, delusion and martyrdom. The opportunity is at hand to express Pisces’ positive attributes by taking this day to tune in to our higher capacities. Being in nature and taking time for reflection and paying attention to those dreams which are calling us can help us align with our nobler selves. Meditating, journaling – just making time to be quiet and unhooked from our usual business – can be very therapeutic – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Being near water or in water – swimming or bathing – relaxing and submerging ourselves can release troubled thoughts and make room to listen for our inner wisdom.


When the Moon is FULL, it’s exactly opposite the position of the Sun. Virgo represents the rational mind, quite opposite to the dreamy full Moon. Since Virgo is also associated with healing and nursing – it complements the Full Moon by reminding us to take care of ourselves – practically – eating nourishing foods, resting, exercising, etc. Many times during the full Moon – we may notice that we’re out of balance – it can feel like a crisis point. This is very helpful, for when we attend to ourselves mindfully, we make room for our spirits to shine through.

MERCURY in LIBRA – until September 30.

Mercury in Libra can help us appreciate more than one point of view. It’s useful for mediation and conflict resolution. Given the struggles that are going on in so many places – it’s helpful to listen to others we may disagree with. Hear what they have to say- as much as you desire to be heard. Libra also represents the scales of justice. Seeking workable solutions can be stimulated by this energy. Another side of Libra is to sit on the fence, going back and forth without coming to any decisions. This can feed confusion and inertia. On the other hand, it may be an advantage to not make any rash decisions we may regret. You need to feel your way through it.

VENUS in SCORPIO – until October 8.

Venus in Scorpio can deepen your desire to feel more connected within your relationships. During this Full Moon, Venus is located at the same degree as Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn can inhibit your feelings and this conjunction is temporary. Venus moves past this position within a couple of days. At the same time, Venus is in a favorable relationship with Pluto which can bring harmony and also attract others to you, including resources. It’s important to be aware of what you’re paying attention to – appreciate what you have instead of focussing solely on what you may lack.

To summarize - the Astrological energies are complex during this Full Moon. It’s best to focus on being receptive to opportunities to meet people, deepen existing relationships and be open to resources flowing your way! It’s timely to make time for yourself – and relax and allow the Moon’s energies to dissolve your usual resistances. Experience your inner world – with quiet and gratitude. Practice opening to the guidance that can come when you make room for it.


“The power of the natal chart comes from the richness of information that we can derive from it.” (Jeff Jawer). We all experience easy and difficult cycles in our lives. Astrology helps to clarify the nature of our struggles and cherish our times of joy. What are our strengths and where do we get stuck? What are the timings for each cycle? What strategies can we use to help ourselves and others? Deeper self-knowledge is vital for developing compassion for ourselves. It helps us know that whatever challenges we face are temporary.

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