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Full Moon in Scorpio – Sunday, May 3, 2015 11:42 pm EDT

With the FULL Moon in Scorpio, important issues may come up for us to address. This Full Moon energy is heightened with potential conflicts – as the intense Scorpio Moon is opposite the comfort-seeking Sun in Taurus. Emotions that arise may very well be uncomfortable as they challenge the status quo. Taurus is inclined to want things to stay the same – and that’s being threatened. Taking good care of ourselves in the midst of major changes is key

Currently, we’re in a cycle where we have the opportunity for healing deep wounds and patterns from the past. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio is now moving retrograde until mid-September.

When a Planet moves retrograde – our energy turns more inward. Pluto is associated with delving deeply into matters we may have suppressed – as individuals, families, organizations, social/political systems. It’s time to do our “internal” house cleaning and allow old negative patterns to surface. This gives us a chance to let go of old baggage – like old misunderstandings, resentments, fears..

This FULL Moon in Scorpio is in harmony with Pluto’s current position in Capricorn. The Sun in Taurus is also well aligned with Pluto for the next few days. This gives us strength and stability to face any personal and societal changes that are happening right now.

As the load lightens, Pluto brings the gift of transforming ourselves into more of who we genuinely are – with acceptance and clarity.

Meanwhile – Venus and Mercury are in the social sign of Gemini which lightens up the intensity – good time to get together with friends.

May this cycle bring you a deeper understanding of who you are and what your purpose and “mission” may be as the veils clear.



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