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Full Moon in Virgo – Sunday, March 16 2014 – 12:08 pm EST

Spring Equinox – Astrological New Year: March 20 – 11:57 am EST

On March 20, the Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac year and the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Equinox brings equal light/equal darkness. From then until Summer Solstice, the days will get longer – in another turning of the seasons.

Today the Full MOON in VIRGO is opposite the SUN in PISCES. (When the Moon is full it’s exactly opposite the Sun.) With the tension of opposites – tempers can flare, emergencies are more prevalent and, depending on your specific chart – major emotional buttons can be pushed. Virgo is the sign of the skeptic, full of intellectual questions. Virgo prefers to have systems in place and needs to have analytical curiosity satisfied. Pisces stimulates our intuitive wisdom. Its thinking is fuzzy regarding specifics – it’s the energy of the dreamer, the mystic, the idealist.

It’s important to integrate these very different energies. Make time today to be reflective and give yourself space to wonder. If you need to put things in order – to prepare for the coming week, for example, give yourself a specific time period to accomplish your main priorities and equally leave time open to listen to music, journal, walk in the park, etc.

Meanwhile, Mercury, Planet of communication, is moving out of intellectual Aquarius on March 18, and will be moving through intuitive Pisces until April 7. When Mercury travels through Pisces communication can be confusing. For the next 3 weeks, check and double-check important information. It’s best not to sign contracts or make specific plans – as we may overlook important details. In conversations, confirm relevant points to make sure you’re both on the same page! Share your assumptions to avoid misunderstandings. Have some quiet times every day – they can be brief. Quiet the static in your mind and listen to that Piscean voice within.

We continue to deal with retrograde energies as Mars moves retrograde through the Sign of Libra from March 1 – May 20. Mars, ruler, of Aries, is impulsive and tends to act unilaterally – it’s the type of leadership that goes ahead without consulting others. Mars also brings a kind of courage that will step in where others “fear to tread.” Libra is the Astrological Sign that’s concerned with cooperation, joint ventures, and mediation. Needless to say, Mars is not “happy” in collaborative Libra especially when Mars moves retrograde.

By nature, Martian energy is enthusiastic and impatient to get on with things. Thus, there can be frustration during a retrograde period when things feel like they’re going “backwards.” Negotiations can stall, leaders may act rashly due to their impatience. This energy applies to all of us. Where are we impatient? Where are we less likely to listen to counsel? Depending on our charts – this frustration can affect our health, our work, our relationships, and our plans. Patience is required now. We can best use this retrograde energy to review plans and projects and strengthen our skills – while we wait for the energies to “reverse.” From May 20 onwards, things will begin to move forward as Mars travels through Libra until July 25. Where are the possible opportunities? In leadership and collaboration. Since Mars (individualist energy) is in Libra (collaborative energy) it may a very good time to take the initiative to bring people together – both internationally and individually.

The Grand Cross between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars will be exact (for the 5th time) on April 20 – the pressure is building right now – and will dissipate by mid- May. The Grand Cross is a combination of oppositions and squares, between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. The tensions are great and need release. The best thing we can do as individuals is stay steady and grounded. This will help others around us to calm down. Let’s expand this healing energy to include as many people as possible in wider and wider circles. Joining with others with like mind and values will help strengthen and build a path to peaceful solutions and outcomes. In our personal lives – we are being challenged to be more creative, to focus on solutions rather than simply dwelling on the problems we are facing This is true for individuals and the larger community.

There is much upheaval around the World. Old corrupt systems are being challenged. Some systems are collapsing without new structures in place. At the same time, many creative breakthroughs are occurring – in technology, science, the arts, medicine, the environment.

Understanding Our Life Patterns: The power and value of astrology
Understanding our birth charts helps to clarify the nature of our struggles and the nature of our gifts . What are our strengths and where do we get stuck? What are the timings for each planetary cycle? Deeper self-knowledge is vital for developing acceptance and compassion for ourselves and others. Astrology helps us remember that the challenges we face are cyclical – and it highlights opportunities where we can learn and grow.

Radio Program: Cosmic Know-How: Astrology for Everyone – Next Prprogram: March 19, 2014
I’m thrilled to announce my new Internet radio program – on the well-established Inner Light Radio Network. It airs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 2:30 pm EST (1:30 pm CST and 11:30 am PST). I encourage you to call in while the program is airing (310) 928-7733 to ask any questions you may have. You may also submit questions via email at innerlightradio@yahoo.com. Please call or e-mail me with any questions you may have that I can answer on the air.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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