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New Moon in Aries – Saturday, April 18, 2015

NEW MOON in ARIES – Saturday, April 18 2015 at 1:57 EDT

The energy is building to the first New Moon of the Astrological year – in late degree of Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Ram. It’s element is fire. It’s associated with jumping into things fearlessly and leading the way. Rams can be very forceful. They prefer almost any action to being patient and waiting for the right timing. They can also inspire us to take action now – without hesitation.

This weekend may be the perfect time to launch into action. What have we put on the back burner? What/who is calling us to be courageous in the face of adversity? How can we inspire others? Can we emerge from inertia and take the first steps to realize our dreams?

Meanwhile Pluto begins its five month retrograde period the day before the New Moon.

PLUTO moves Retrograde: April 17 – September 24, 2015

When a Planet moves retrograde, it appears to slow down and move backwards relative to Earth. Pluto is the Lord of the underworld – the world of our subconscious thoughts, feelings and dreams. Retrograde energy is best expressed by slowing down to review past and present patterns that no longer serve us. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio invites us to go deeply into our psyches and release and transform old wounds – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is time to let go of old baggage that’s been holding us back – old resentments, old beliefs, old repeated thought and language patterns that are stifling our growth. It’s time to begin a thorough internal house-cleaning and liberate ourselves.

The New Moon in Aries brings an opportunity to plunge ahead and begin our necessary deep work. Transformation releases so much stuck energy, opening up the space to grow and evolve.

It’s helpful to know where the New Moon in late Aries is in our birth charts – as it points to the area of our lives where we can take initiative. It may be in the area of work, health, relationships and so on.

Pluto in mid Capricorn also points to areas of our lives to transform – it could be our relationship with money, our attitudes toward others, our spiritual quests, and so on.

May your initiatives generate creative and loving actions.

Keep Looking Up!


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