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New Moon in Gemini – Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Spring special offerings until May 31

New Moon in Gemini, May 28, 2014, 2:40 pm EDT

When the Sun and Moon are in Gemini – at New Moon – ideas can be flying around – communication is the theme. Except… During this New Moon, Neptune will be squaring the Sun and Moon – weakening their energies and bringing in possible confusion. This is a brief transit as the Moon will move out of Neptune’s range by Thursday. Emotions that have been murky will clear up.

The Sun will be out of Neptune’s range by the end of May. You may find yourself more tired than usual for the next few days. With Neptune squaring the Sun – be as straightforward as possible in your communications and clear up any misunderstandings as they arise. Check with others and make sure you’re all on the same page.

Mercury, planet of communication, will be moving into the emotional sign of Cancer May 30, and will move retrograde from June 7 – July 1. It will go back into clever Gemini until July 14 and then we be back in Cancer until August 16. With Mercury in Cancer, it’s a time when emotions can cloud our reason. June will be a time to back up our files, check and double check travel arrangements and so on. It’s important to take advantage of the positive aspects of Mercury Retrograde. It’s a good time to slow down and review important material before moving forward. During this cycle, being more contemplative can reap major insights.

Venus will be moving through the earth sign of Taurus from May 30 – June 24. What a good time to spend in our gardens, digging in the earth and planting seeds to harvest later on. It’s also a time to enjoy our sensual pleasures – good food, music, creative arts, comfortable surroundings, massages….

The Planet Mars (independent action) is gathering speed and moving forward in the sign of Libra (relationships) – until July 27. The challenge here is to learn to include others in our plans and learn how to negotiate so everyone wins. It’s important to have the patience to really listen to our partners and take their wants and needs into consideration. This is the time to take the initiative to strengthen our relationships and take appropriate steps toward healing any rifts and coming out stronger and healthier.

In summary – we’re beginning this New Moon cycle with complex patterns. New ideas will be popping up with Gemini Sun/Moon. It’ll be timely to slow down and enjoy sensual pleasures. It’ll be important to be clear in our communications and have the patience to strengthen our relationships. During this Moon cycle we’ll experience Summer Solstice on June 21 – highlighting the time of maximum daylight in the Northern Hemisphere.

Special Spring Offerings – Extended until May 31

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(*) These readings are done for parents to help them better understand their children – I also include some information about the family constellation.

Readings are done in person or by phone and are digitally recorded. Payments can be made by PayPal.

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