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New Moon in Scorpio with partial Solar Eclipse – October 23. 2014 5:57 pm EDT

Since the Full Lunar Eclipse on October 8 – we’ve been experiencing even more turbulent times around the world. With that Full Moon in the fiery sign of Aries next to “wild card” Uranus – it’s triggered more instability. Economic, political, and governmental systems on weak foundations keep failing.

Not all of it is negative – Uranus also generates breakthroughs into new and exciting fields of discovery.

Tomorrow the New Moon will be located at 0° Scorpio next to the Sun at the same degree. We’ll have a partial Solar Eclipse that can be seen on the East Coast of US and Canada. Every 19 years we experience the Solar Eclipse at the same degree – the last was on October 24, 1995 at 0° Scorpio. It’s useful to look back and review what’s happened in our lives since then.

Eclipses shake things up – they stimulate us to identify and release what’s no longer useful – and unburden ourselves. It’s time to explore what’s coming up from deep inside and liberate ourselves from patterns of negative self-talk and other habits that drain our energies. We’ll then have far more vitality to reassess our values and priorities and take steps to move forward with passion and clarity.

Scorpio energies run deep – hidden from view. Scorpio is associated with power – the desire to be in control. If we get into power struggles with others – this can block our progress in many ways. If we focus on personal empowerment – to live up to our potential – we’ll have a much easier time. At its most evolved – Scorpio represents the Phoenix rising out of the ashes of the past and transforming itself into a completely new Being.

We all have the potential to release old habits, tendencies and beliefs that have kept us “in the dark” to our truer and higher natures. With humility, compassion for ourselves and forgiveness – we can renew ourselves and brighten our futures.

Venus will join the Sun and Moon at 0° Scorpio tomorrow – this is a wonderfully empowering cycle for women. Women are rising up and claiming their rights – to be safe, to be respected and heard. They are organizing into groups, in India, for example, to protect women from violence and take on would-be rapists and publically shaming them.

An outstanding example is Malala Yousafzai, who survived being shot by the Taliban because she advocated education for girls. She has met with many world leaders, spoken on behalf of girls all over the world, and at 17, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

These are the times that have been prophesized by elders of many traditions – Mayan, Hopi, Anishnabie and others. It’s up to us – individually and collectively – to make life-affirming choices and act with integrity and love. Let’s begin by being kind to ourselves and everyone we encounter.

Keep looking up!


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