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Audio: 2012 Astrology and Prophecy

Here is a YouTube video with a recent talk I gave on the amazing astrology of 2012 and related prophecy. Sorry there’s no actual video for the talk (just audio) – next time.

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Audio: 2012 Astrology and Prophecy

Astrology Readings at Singing Pebble Books

I will be at Singing Pebble Books in Ottawa on Monday, June 18th, from noon to 5:00 pm – I will be doing 20 minute readings for $35. There are a few openings left – please call the bookstore to book a time: (613) 230-9165. Looking forward to seeing you! :)

Singing Pebble Books

Public Presentation June 10, 2012 – Ottawa, On

I’ll be giving a free presentation on: “Significant Major Energetic Shifts this Month – What to Expect?” (see my previous post on this subject).

It will be at Singing Pebbles Books store Sunday, June 10 from 6:30-8:00pm. There will be plenty of time for questions and sharing of experiences.


Significant major energetic shifts this month!

Many of us have been experiencing a crescendo of intensity these past few weeks – building quite rapidly since the “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse on May 20th. We’ve literally been transitioning between two eclipses. Today, Monday June 4th the Full Moon occurred at 7:12 am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) with a partial lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse is partly visible from western United States and Canada, while people in Hawaii, New Zealand, and central and eastern Australia will be able to follow the whole eclipse.
Venus transiting the Sun
A very rare event also occurs tomorrow, Tuesday, June 5 when Venus will cross face of the Sun in a once-in-a-lifetime event– the next Venus transit over the Sun will occur in 2117 – 105 years from now! This transit begins at approximately 5:00 pm EDT until early morning June 6, depending on the time zone. The midpoint will be at about 8:25 p.m. EDT, and the Sun will have set well before the transit is complete.

April 3rd began the transit of Venus through the sign of Gemini. It moved retrograde on May 15th and will be going direct on June 27th. It will enter Cancer on August 8th. This is quite a long journey through Gemini – an excellent time for attracting new friendships, personal relationship, and partnerships of all kinds. Depending on its position, relative to other to other Planets in our charts – money can be flowing in or out and communication can become far more creative. During the time that Venus is moving Retrograde, it’s advantageous to review and improve/repair current relationships.


Starting this month and for nearly 3 years, until March, 2015, we will experience 7 exact squares between Uranus and Pluto. In the mid-60’s these planets were conjunct (next to each other) in Virgo. Many people left the big cities and moved to the country to begin to lead sustainable life styles. People marched in the street against the war in Vietnam. Martin Luther King gave his amazing transformational speeches and led radical (peaceful) action for fundamental societal change. What we’re experiencing now is a resurgence of uprisings all over the world for social justice, economic fairness and sustainability. This is a much more widespread movement than the 60’s – social media has truly facilitated us toward being a Global Village and where the hidden is now being revealed.

Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008 and will remain there until 2024. Pluto represents deep foundational issues while Capricorn represents societal and personal structures. Foundations that are weak are falling apart – economic, financial, political, personal.

Uranus is the energy of radical transformation – breakdown and breakthrough energies. It entered the fiery sign of Aries in late May 2010 and will be in that Sign until early March 2019. This is a far more powerful and unstable expression than its time in Virgo in the mid-60’s. What began then will be amplified in these next 8 years and a new global consciousness can arise. Many people are waking up and realizing that our survival depends on making radical changes to live sustainably, more communally, sharing resources, protecting and reversing the devastation to our Earth.

The first exact square between Uranus and Pluto occurs June 24th. Right now they are about 1 degree apart and are experienced as heightened levels of chaos and intensity. It’s crucial for us to be flexible and at the same time do whatever we can to stay grounded.

It’s also an exciting time because there are massive numbers of people waking up and many innovations are being introduced in many fields – in communication, health, economics and so on. It’s time to shift from the patterns of lethargy and resistance to change – to listening to and responding to the many wake-up calls – to live according to a higher level of integrity and responsibility – and take positive action now!

There’s a quote I love from Leonard Cohen – famous poet and singer/songwriter; “Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” This is a time when many breakthroughs will “crack” things open – revealing major channels of increasing clarity and light!

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Keep looking UP!


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I will be at Singing Pebble Books (202a Main Street, Ottawa, Ontario) on Thursday, May 31, 2012 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

Please drop by for a chance to meet like-minded people in a friendly, stimulating environment where you are literally surrounded by potential topics of conversation, and conversation-openers. I will be doing free mini-astrological readings for attendees!

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Singing Pebble Books
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April 4, 2012 Update

Dear Friends,

March 22 2012 –  Spring Equinox: The Sun and new Moon in Aries – marked the beginning of the Astrological New Year.  Can you feel the shift? Are things breaking through for you or are weak foundational aspects of your life crumbling and falling apart to make space for new ideas, concepts and ways of thinking/living? The ride has just begun and below I have highlighted some aspects that are playing roles in all of our lives

Mercury went Direct today!

Mercury in Aries went Retrograde on March 12th and went Direct today, April 4th. We’ve all been waiting for this shift!

When a planet goes “retrograde” it seems to slow down and move “backwards” relative to the Earth’s orbit. On March 22, spring Equinox, the Sun and new Moon were Aries starting off the cycle with the awakening energy of Aries, the Ram.  So with Mercury and Mars in retrograde at that time – it may have felt like we were rushing ahead and stopping and stalling – one step forward, two steps back!

Now that Mercury is moving forward again – the energy is shifting – we’ve had our time to review, re-evaluate and reassess priorities – now we can feel brighter and mentally more stimulated and have an easier flow of ideas and plans.

Mars in Virgo

Mars is still in retrograde in the sign of Virgo, and will turn direct on April 14th.  After it turns forward, our levels of frustration will ease and we may find it much easier to move forward on plans and projects.

Mars will be moving through the sign of Virgo until July 4th – an extraordinarily long time for Mars in Virgo.  If you have personal planets in the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn Mars can be quite activating.  If some of your personal planets are in Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces, there may be significant frustrations as Mars will be making stressful angles to these signs.

On July 4th Mars will enter the sign of Libra and focus more of our energies on relationships. Learning to cooperate, listen and understand our partner’s needs and finding ways to reconcile differences may be high on the agenda.

Jupiter in harmony with Pluto

Jupiter, Planet of good fortune and abundance is still moving through the earth sign of Taurus bringing opportunities to attract resources, and enhance our appreciation of what is beautiful.  Jupiter can also stimulate over-indulging and overspending – so it’s important to watch our tendencies to overdo.

Jupiter has been in harmonious alignment with Pluto in Capricorn since mid-February 2012 and is now moving away and will be out of range by the end of this month.  This harmony between Jupiter and Pluto is excellent for refining our leadership capabilities, and attracting opportunities to deepen our insights and grow spiritually.

Uranus/Pluto Challenges

Since last June, 2011 Uranus in Aries has been in challenging relationship with Pluto in Capricorn.  In some ways its bringing in the energy of the 60’s when these two planets were close together.  Now it’s more intense and global.  The energy of Uranus in Aries is very intense and can be volatile – it also depends on how it’s relating to your personal planets.  Uranus is the energy of breakdown and breakthrough – people taking to the streets, governments toppling, economies destabilizing.  Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, delves deeply to find what’s underneath the surface in many areas of life, collectively and individually.  The sign of Capricorn has to do with structures – so – putting it all together – we’re in a cycle of breakdowns and breakthroughs as weak foundations crumble and new forms emerge.

Making the Most of this Major Energetic Cycle

Now is a very exciting time – to bring forth new,  life enhancing patterns and systems that will truly support us.  The old systems and structures  are clearly revealing their lack of healthy, life-affirming foundations for growth and happiness – for society and for individuals. Uranus also has to do with authenticity and innovation- it’s time to be living into who we really are and adjusting our priorities accordingly.

During this cycle of creative new beginning its very helpful to get an Astrology reading and understand your life patterns – with their strengths and opportunities for growth. It’s also very helpful to put new strategies into action as you learn to move around what may be blocking you from expressing and living into your potential.

Astrology readings are done by phone, Skype or in person. They take about an hour and half and are recorded.  You’ll receive your hand drawn chart, cd and supporting materials.  Gift certificate are available.

First time reading        $165

Follow up reading       $155

Partnership reading     $195

New baby/child           $95

I look forward to hearing from you.  Please feel free to forward this to family, friends and colleagues.  If you have any concern about payment, do call me and we’ll create a plan that works for you.

Keep looking up!!


Grand Trine Divine – Astrology update

“One of the most poetic facts I know about the universe is that essentially every atom in your body was once inside a star that exploded. Moreover, the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than those in your right. We are all, literally, star children, and our bodies made of stardust.”  From the book “A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing” by physicist Lawrence Krauss.

Given that we’re all made of stardust – and matter and energy are intimately interconnected – transforming back and forth, back and forth – matter to energy to matter to energy…… OF COURSE we are intimately energetically connected with our planetary system.  A birth chart is a fountain of information – helping us to perceive and appreciate the energetic patterns and cycles of our lives!!

Wonderful Planetary Configuration this Week!

This week, a special energetic configuration of harmony is building toward the full moon which will occur this Thursday, March 8.   This configuration is called a “Grand Trine” (equilateral triangle) occurring with the three of the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.   Whatever chart you have –  this configuration can move your dreams and plans forward in tangible ways.

A grand trine between orbiting planets is uncommon.  The last ones we experienced were in 2004 and before that – in 1967.  This current triangle of compatible earth energies can stimulate us to take action that’s practical and tangible.  So, for example, it’s a good time to ask for a raise, send off resumes, begin a new health regimen, move a project forward, etc.

Mars in Virgo is part of the Grand Trine and can and will energize this configuration. Since Mars happens to be moving in retrograde (slowing down relative to Earths’s motion) – this is a good time to review plans, fine tune them and then put them into action.

Let’s Now Look at Each Part of this Grand Trine

Mars in Virgo is in harmony with Jupiter and Venus in Taurus– it’s an opportune time to move any plans forward.  It’s also excellent for social events as well as travel.   Jupiter and Venus in Taurus can bring tangible benefits to our finances, relationships and greatly enhance appreciation of the beautiful.

Jupiter and Venus in Taurus in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn, can stimulate our “spiritual leadership” capacities to shine through, as well as attract success at work, in health and healing, and naturally allow relationships to deepen.

Pluto in Capricorn in harmony with Mars in Virgo – is excellent for launching new projects, programs, and personal activities.  It can support us with their strength – Now is the time to ACT.   Pluto and Mars will be in harmony all month as Jupiter and Venus quickly move away from this triangle.

Depending on our individual charts – we all have the great good fortune to experience these opportunities in various areas of our lives.  For example, in one of my friend’s charts – she has Pluto in her second house of finance, Jupiter and Venus in her 6th house of health and work and Mars in her 10th house of career!  This is an amazing week for her advancing her career and making her organization more known in the world.  She’s scheduled to do a keynote address at an international conference – on March 9!

Mercury Retrograde – March 12 – April 4, 2012.

Mercury, the planet of communication is in Aries and will be moving retrograde from March 12 – April 4.   It will return to the sign of Pisces for three weeks beginning on March 24 before re-entering Aries on April 17th.

When Mercury is in Aries – communication can be brusque, speaking before thinking, spontaneous and looking for the bottom line.  When Mercury is in Pisces – the energy of communication is more intuitive, vague and tending toward story telling.  The usual advice applies whenever Mercury goes retrograde: Back up all your electronic systems, take a good book with you in case travel is delayed at airports, etc.  And it’s a good time to review and re-evaluate your priorities.

Uranus Squaring Pluto

We still have the configuration of Pluto making a challenging angle to Uranus – on and off for the next three years.  It’s a time of breakdown of the old, of the ineffectual, of weak foundations and breakthroughs to a whole new beginning. I’ve heard from a number of people who feel “reborn” including me!!  Major inner shifts can transform our old tapes to having fresh ideas and new and clear intentions.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please call or email me and share your news!  Let’s celebrate the new and release what is no longer working for us.

Keep looking up!!

Kudos to us all!