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Please send me your questions for my New Astrology Radio Program beginning this Wednesday – Jan. 15 at 2:30pm EST

Cosmic Know-How: Astrology for Everyone with Eleanor Kibrick

I’ll be starting my new Astrology Internet Radio program this Wednesday, January 15 at 2:30pm EST – which is also FULL MOON. I’m one of the Hosts of the Inner Light Radio Network – operating out of California.

Show time in a few other time zones are 1:30pm CST, 11:30am PST and 7:30pm GMT.

If you have astrology questions for Eleanor the call-in number is: 1-(310)-928-7733.

You can also send questions by Skype texting by contacting the “inner_light_radio” Skype account.

You can also email questions to Eleanor during the show at this address innerlightradio@yahoo.com

Here’s the description of my program:

Cosmic Know-How: Astrology for Everyone with Eleanor Kibrick
Join Eleanor Kibrick for a lively bi-monthly series bringing Astrology down to Earth. We are much more than just our Sun Signs! Astrology contains a profound body of knowledge that has guided Kings, Pharaohs, Generals and Sages for many thousands of years. Each week you’ll learn how to understand the major cycles of your life and how to ride the waves of change. In each program we’ll highlight new information that you can immediately apply. You’ll have opportunities to call in and ask questions. You’ll learn what Astrology is and what it isn’t. And best of all – you’ll gain insight and practical knowledge of how to apply Astrology in your life.

Please send me your questions about anything you’d like to know about Astrology – personal questions, global questions… I’ll use them on my program.

(I would love as many of you as possible to listen live if you can).


Eleanor (I’m so excited)

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