Eleanor Kibrick – Astrologer


A few testimonials from clients of Eleanor Kibrick Astrologer.

“Your reading was right on target. My second Saturn return has changed my life.”
    E.K. Memphis, TN

“Your generosity and soulfulness have helped illuminate the path for me. High-five and Halleluja!!”
    G.L Memphis, TN

“…I still listen to the readings and cannot begin to tell you how much they have helped me get through some rough times….your kind words helped… Just knowing that there is an end to trauma is comforting.”
    M.N. Naples, FL

“I have given presents of Eleanor’s natal readings to 10 children and newborn infants., The impact was fabulous. The parents were thrilled and they all told me that the readings have enriched their understanding of the children immeasurably. Then, I asked Eleanor to do our entire family. The new knowledge we received is truly a gift of the Gods.”
    A.P. Leesburg, VA

“Something you said to me has happened. You said that some health related thing I had in the past was going to come back. Well, I’ve had one episode of a health problem return, and because I was on the look-out for something, I realized right away what was happening and got the medication in time to turn it into a non-event. So thank you for your excellent and insightful advice.”
    H.A. Ottawa, ON

“You, my friend, have been a beacon for me in your readings and so I wish to share this with those who are also seeking.”
    L.K. Minneapolis, MN